Densae sunt socios meos
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PostSubject: About us    Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:31 pm

Densae sunt socios meos - The shadows are my allies

Unknown wrote:
Man or woman, young or old.
My sights are steady, and my trigger cold.
Walk or run, laugh or cry.
You're in my sight, it's time to die.
A scout darts through the brush, nervously avoiding sentries and blending into the background. All of a sudden, a resounding crack sounds out, and the scout collapses, a tiny red mark on his head. On the neighboring hilltop, a man’s lips part to form a grim smile as he reloads his gun.
The sniper. A deadly weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies.

About Nercurie

Nercurie was created to establish a clan with a strong and passionate community. We strive to get great solidarity and amity among our members and to engender a keen group of gamers. Our main cores are loyalty, equality, teamwork, maturity, mutual respect and competitive spirit.
Nercurie work together as a unit, a group, a family. We work as one, take care of each-other and cherish each-others prosperous.

This clan was founded on May 11, 2011 by Pinky97 and SneakyStevee with a goal to knit a group of deadly snipers.

Our signature art is the sniping, but we also accept extremely skilled players and/or people who fit with us on Attitude,Respect and teamwork.
We take in those interested in sniping and turn them into expert snipers. You do not always have to snipe, but as it is our main focus it is expected that you will train and become proficient with the sniper. We strive to make Nercurie a meeting point for players seeking a pleasant gaming experience and the opportunity to form bonds with other players. We exist to have fun and enjoy our time in the gaming-world together, all while landing headshots on helpless foes.

Today you see us as a international gaming-clan with professional players from all over the world. We have players from USA, Russia, China, South Korea, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Germany, Denmark and many other countries.
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About us
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